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Womens Black Cycling Socks

One pair given to homeless, for every pair brought. Always.: .

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Cycling socks that are loaded with technology, leading to enhanced comfort and performance benefits. A great way to add a touch of style to any rider's cycling kit.

Featuring Cool Max Nylon fabric, these socks wick moisture efficiently, are soft and extremely comfortable. The toes and heels are reinforced because that’s where they wear fastest and the cuffs are stretchy for a snug fit. With a mid-foot support band, the socks are sure to stay in place as you pedal hard throughout your ride.



  Comfit Arch





78% Cool Max Nylon 

20% Polyamide

3% Elastane


Our Pledge - For every pair of socks we sell, to donate a pair to someone in need. Always.

Why Homeless?

Socks are one of the most requested items by homeless shelters. Socks?! As a wear through item they are very rarely donated, unlike money, coffee or old coats we wouldnt donate our old holely socks. Yet if your homeless you tend to walk more than the average person, without the luxury of fresh, quality socks can lead to a number of very serious foot health issues from something as simple as good quality socks. Stride together.

From months of testing all our socks come in two uniques sizes.

UK 3 - 8  thats EU 35 - 40

UK 9 - 12 thats  EU 41 - 46

We believe that in re-inventing sock comfort, we would never compromise on style or ethics. We spent over 5 years to overhauled the traditional industry of poor quality socks production and ethics. We believe in transparency and that business can be the greatest force for good. 


Our socks are made with only Oeko-Tex certified yarns. Tested against harmful substances and pesticides in production. Inspiring confidence in textiles that aren't costing the planet. 


Our supply chain is Sedex audited. This is one of the highest audits of ethical practices, covering labour, health and safety, environment and business ethics. 


We only use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified labels for all socks. Our forests are vital to our plant in more ways than we often think. FSC is focused on the sustainable