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Donation socks


For every pair of socks that our customers buy, we donate one specially made pair of fresh socks to someone who is homeless, making these socks just as superior as our STRIDIES that are sold.

The demand for socks from the homeless community is huge, due to socks being a wear through item that is rarely donated. If you compare this to coats, jumpers and scarves for example, which are often donated whilst still in good condition, it's no wonder that socks are the most requested items by homeless shelters.

We took all this information into our stride as we started to re-create the humble sock. A sock designed around comfort 2.0, that was just as thoughtful towards others as it was to your feet.




Donation Partners

Our donation partners include organisations of all sizes from shelters, charities, and small community groups. Homelessness is a nationwide problem, so we carefully select them to make sure our socks are distributed all over the UK. These specially designed donation socks are then sent to these organisations, who can get our products to those who need them most. If your organization is interested in distributing STRIDIES, then please register your interest in becoming a Donation Partner.



We often get asked if our donation socks are the same as those we sell. They're not, they're actually made to suit the person receiving them and so have slightly different features..


The socks that we donate to those who are homeless have to be suitable for someone who walks more than the average person and made so that they don't need to be washed as often.

  • Antibacterial
  • Durable yet versatile
  • Hard wearing colours
  • Seamless toe closure