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Introducing socks 2.0

Re-engineering the humble sock.

The first sock was reported to be made in 1500 BC in Denmark. During Egyptian times stockings were invented. These one piece items (socks, pants & stockings combo) become popular status symbol of wealth.

In England in 1589 the first knitting loom was invented in Nottingham, and this spread across Europe. Over the years socks have changed shape and material moving from wool to cotton, bamboo and even cashmere.

However, over the 100s of years advancements of features of socks have been reserved for only sports, not everyday socks. Despite our needs and changing lifestyles socks have been ignored. Until now.

Socks today are one of the few items we both start, and end our day with. We put comfort first, and create socks that allow you to take a positive step forward, a STRIDE if you pardon the pun!

Comfort. Re-imagined

We wear socks for an average of 16 hours a day. However you are not average. Not all socks are the same. We obsessed over socks (yes socks!), spending over 4 years creating the most comfortable socks on the planet, without compromising on style or ethics. 

Four years leading to - Four major improvements.

Socks are one of the most requested items in homeless shelters? ...Socks!

A basic everyday day item to most, but no-one should be without socks. When we discovered the demand for socks among the homeless community we didn't understand it at first. However, as socks are a wear through item, they are very rarely donated like money, coffee or old coats - but you wouldn't donate your old hole ridden socks?

Yet if you're homeless on the street, you tend to walk more than the average person and you don't have the luxury of fresh clean socks everyday. Sadly, this can lead to a number of very serious foot issues, from something as basic as a pair of socks.

We donate a specially engineered pair for the needs of the community we are supporting, that's versatile, hardwearing and antibacterial. If you would like to support our donation days, or know an organisation in need of socks, please contact us directly!

We believe business is the greatest force for good.